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1. What products are affected?
Rinnai “Symmetry” inbuilt gas log effect space heaters as pictured above, models RDV3610ETR and RDV3611ETR made from 2010 onwards. Other Rinnai gas heaters are not affected.
2. I have a Rinnai Symmetry gas log effect space heater - what should I do?
Visit our dedicated website at  www.symmetryservice.com.au and follow the prompts or call us on 1800 043 214. Rinnai will then arrange for an authorised service technician to provide a free in-home service. Do not operate the heater until the service is performed.
3. What could happen if the unit fails / how dangerous is the situation – is my family/household at risk?
We have experienced isolated instances where the mesh-guard has separated from the front of the heater and there have also been isolated instances of glass breakage resulting in a risk of personal injury.
4. Has there been any property damage (fire) or injury?
There has been no reported property damage.
There has been one case of very minor injury that required no medical attention.
5. Why do you advise people to not operate the heater?
Whilst there have only been isolated incidents and the risk of injury is extremely low, as a responsible company we believe the safety of our customers must come first.
6. How long will it take to service all the units? How long can individual customers expect to wait?
Rinnai Australia has an extensive nationwide network of service personnel and accredited service contractors which will enable us to respond in the shortest possible time. We are unable to provide a firm time frame at this stage, but are committed to completing the free in-home service as soon as possible and will inform you of a firm date as soon as we can.
7. I thought Rinnai appliances were the best in terms of quality and reliability – how did this happen?
The incidence of Rinnai warranty claims and safety incidents is extremely low. Rinnai appliances have always been regarded by the trade and consumers as extremely safe and reliable. Our track record over 45 years has been excellent, and we believe the fact that this free in-house service is being done primarily as a precautionary measure will help to maintain our reputation for standing behind the quality of our products and offering excellent customer service.
8. Why do you advise me not to use my Symmetry heater? I’ve had this heater for years and never had a problem. What will happen if I do use it?
Rinnai acknowledge that almost all Symmetry appliances have operated reliably and without incident for many years. While the risk of injury is extremely low, as a responsible company we believe the safety of our customers must come first which is why we advise customers not to use their Symmetry heater until the free in-home service is completed.
9. Do I have to be home for the service /do I need to take time off work?
Unfortunately yes, because the service technician needs to enter your house to be able to access the heater and carry out the service. We apologise for this inconvenience.
10. Will Rinnai compensate me for having to take time of work?
We will endeavour to carry out the service at a time that minimises inconvenience to you. We are unable to offer compensation for having to take time off work.